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Eight Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets


Upturn is a brand, delivering stories that are about to change your life… if you let them! The journey called life happens to all of us, however, some people know that there is more to it than just living day in day out, as a series of routine actions following up one after the other. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. Let these stories inspire you enough to make your own Upturn and share your voice with the rest of the world. Was it coincidence, fate, universal alignment or numbers in the sky? Whatever you want to call it, it made the authors in this book all attend the same seminar. Most of them didn’t know each other yet, and they certainly weren’t aware they would end up in a life-changing project. But all of them were focused on personal development. After this seminar in Amsterdam in December 2018, a social media group was created to support 5 these authors on their writing journey. Soon, more people were added to the group. One person suggested joining forces and publish a book together, with an underlying common theme. That book is in front of you now.


Habiba Amzil
Talar Bogharian Partiyan
Natasa Sirnik
Debby Jaenicke
Justine Kluen
Justine Kluen
Marieke Frankema
Marieke Frankema
Rob Aalders
Rob Aalders
Henna Charry