Henna Charry

My name is Henna Charry. Growing your health by changing your mind and inspiring your spirit and your body will follow. Taking Conscious Intelligent Actions.

Over Henna

Henna’s dream was always to become a dancer. Even after a dance academy rejected her she decided that no matter what, she had to dance. She quit school, found a job, and took various dance classes that she utterly loved; Classical, Jazz, African, Folk and Ballroom Dancing. For extra income she danced as a semi-professional in choruses, discos and bars. Dancing is about purity, expression, and enjoying the freedom of experiencing music.

With her experience and training, she was about to start a contemporary dance school for beginners of all ages where she could show them different styles and share her passion for movement. Unfortunately, on the brink of living her dream, she felt a need to make a few more leaps, one more pirouette– and the school died before it was born. One morning she woke up and could not walk. Multiple examinations led to the diagnosis: an accumulation of various chronic disorders.

She spent the next 20 years mostly bed-ridden, immobile and dependent on others. Three years ago, she changed her life around and made an Upturn. She decided to dance again, to get her body moving once more. How? Her eureka moment: to change how she thought about her diet, relaxation and movement. She taught her body to be alive again. Henna transformed her mindset, which brought her to a better balance of health and energy. She is still recovering, but the results are unbelievable. She has regained her passion for dancing, and developed a program to help people who are immobile and unhealthy to rediscover their own body through a new way of eating, moving and relaxing. Her chapter in this book is The Upturn. It’s a first step on the path to her goal: to transform people’s lives through coaching, helping them to become healthier in the way they think about their body and their life. Her next book will be a transformation for many and will be ‘on stage’ this year.