Debby Jaenicke

Our deepest desires and intentions, create our thoughts, our words, our actions and ultimately our experiences.

Over Debby

Debby Jaenicke was born and raised in Holland.Growing up with a very young single mother wasn’t always easy. From an early age she had to deal with hardship and distressing situations. This forced her to discover survival tools while still trying to find pleasure amidst heavy storms. A path of self-discovery and personal development followed, one which will continue her whole life long. She started out as a professional dancer/singer.

This took her to international stages and awoke her wanderlust.She has travelled the world ever since. She has also become a teacher of mindfulness: working from the outside inwards by becoming a yoga teacher, specialising in yin and the more meditative forms of yoga and discovering how the mind has such a profound influence over our lives. If you choose, you too can develop a thirst for learning how to live your best possible life, without limits; knowing how to live a life of purpose without anything holding you back. Debby is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.

It was the right time for her to come into contact with Marci Shimoff, her current mentor and a transformational leader in the field of positive psychology. Marci trained her as a “Be Happy for No Reason” coach, because happiness is an inside job. It is Debby`s dream to share her knowledge with the world. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. To make this world a better place, starting with you. She can’t make you happy, but she can commit to supporting you in the creation of your own happiness.