Talar Bogharian Partiyan

Empowered learners know that the world is their oyster and that they can connect globally to collaborate with others on projects that matter to them.

Over Talar

Talar has many roles. She was born a daughter, then became a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a wife,a daughter in law, a mother… The list goes on.With each title was added a responsibility and an expectation. She always wanted to be the best of each and every one of these roles. Her journey in life is far from typical… She is Armenian by origin but more of a global citizen having lived in several countries around the world. From her earliest days her nomadic lifestyle gave her a taste of adventure.

Having to adjust to diverse cultures and different characters, she found it vital to understand human psychology. With each country, she learned more about people and acquired tools to adapt to new situations. It became clearer and clearer to her that humans are the same everywhere: situations change but people are people. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Masters in Science Education, she became an educator. This is a passion that she has practiced for twenty years, working with all kinds of students from all nationalities.

Her teaching career has allowed her to participate in numerous international workshops, both lecturing and learning about kids and adolescents. Today she is a teacher trainer and a passionate science “teacherpreneur”. Always a risk taker, she took on a new adventure as a passionate Harley Davidson biker; and she became the first female H.O.G.® Chapter director in the MENA region in 2013. You can always find her giving lessons about life and love. Her motto: “Love is the power of life”.