Marieke Frankema

The fear of mountains, and how to scale them

Over Marieke

Creative multitasker Marieke Frankema does everything she loves. She’s a dancer, singer, (voice) actress, writer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, besides being a mother and wife.

Her mission is to make the world a more beautiful place, and at the core of that mission there are always stories. Stories to sing, stories to show, stories to write, with passion and a keen eye for the magic that lies buried beneath the tiniest of happenings. She instantly brings out that magic, giving it a proper place on centre stage with everything she does. Making magic that way also means that magic comes back to the maker. Project Upturn was one such occasion, when mere coincidence turned into an almost divine calling. When Jannie van den Boogaard and Rob Aalders decided to create this book, Marieke was involved almost from day one. Shying away a bit due to time and other demands, she became a shadow writer for the project. The Universe didn’t go along though. She was called into action ‘for real’ and now Marieke is one of the eight entrepreneurs proudly sharing their story in Upturn.

Deciding what to write about was both easy and hard. Like anyone doing so much and with this much passion, there’s an endless supply of subjects to tackle. But what made her step up her game and become the entrepreneur she wanted to be, despite time and demanding family life, was the way she juggles her projects and her time. She is a living, thriving proof of the maxim ‘Doing a little every day, takes you all the way’. She’s very happy to share her story with all of you, and thereby help you to uncover the magic that lies within you. Time to let it shine!