Natasa Sirnik

How trusting myself, has led me to unconditional happiness

Over Natasa

Natasa started as a civil engineer, working as a researcher at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she specialized in fluid mechanics and ecological modelling. She enjoyed combining research with public speaking about water systems, ecology and sustainability. After her PhD, she became increasingly interested in combining her knowledge of fluid systems with healing techniques, based on fluidity of energy. In the years that followed, she evolved as a healer and coach.

Nowadays fluidity represents one of the primal principles of creativity in every area of her life. In 2017 she started her own company, Fluid.S Consulting. She coaches individuals and groups and gives classes about energetic creation and fluidity of life. She shows people how they can liberate their lives and get their momentum going again, hopefully forever. Her aim is to empower people to start creating their lives energetically from the space of their own awareness, towards greater health, wealth and happiness. For the last 4 years she has been living with her family in the Netherlands. She is the mother of three daughters.

In 2018 Natasa attended Gerry Robert’s Bookology Bootcamp in Amsterdam. After connecting with a few of the attendees, she was given a chance to be part of the Book Upturn project. It’s a great contribution to her life and work to collaborate with this special group of people and learn from them. She would be happy to hear that the stories in the Upturn book changed the worlds of other people as well.