Justine Kluen

Fearlessness - No pain, no gain

Over Justine

As her mother would say, Justine was a restless,jumpy child who couldn’t sit still. Her parents tackled that by introducing her to the cello when she was nine. She loved it and even considered becoming a professional cellist. But her wide range of interests made it hard to focus on just one thing. Instead Justine ended up as a heart-driven entrepreneur whose main aim is to make a worldwide impact by helping others.

With the creation of her speakers’ platform Speak UP! it all came together: her love for interacting with people, coaching and building their confidence so they could present themselves in the best possible way. This found keen recipients in the six speakers at each event, and in the audience that is eager for more. Speak UP! turned out to be the catalyst for greater self-fulfilment and self-realisation.

Given her aim to bring light and air into this world Speak UP! might just be the best way. For Justine this is only the beginning. Taking part in Upturn; writing her own books Happy Power© and Turn UP, Step UP, Speak UP!©; developing her career as a keynote speaker; it’s all in the stars. For she believes there is no set rule for becoming a successful and happy individual. Just keep on doing what you love doing and follow your bliss. When something brings a smile to your face, a sense of accomplishment and a contribution to the world, it’s all good. And of course stay as playful as you can.