Habiba Amzil

It is the power of your voice that releases silence

Over Habiba

Habiba Amzil was born in Morocco in 1972. She lived with her grandparents, mother, brother and sister. Habiba’s grandmother had a special role to play in her upbringing, and her presence and unconditional love played a big role in Habiba’s life. At the young age of five, on a cold winter’s day in February 1977, Habiba moved to the Netherlands to be reunited with the rest of her family. What she first thought was going to be a short visit ended up being something more permanent.

Holland would be her new residence for the rest of her life. It is not easy to transition from one reality into a new one, especially when these realities can be so different, but Habiba was eager to discover what this new life had in store for her and although she encountered difficulties, she managed to merge her two identities into one. The Netherlands had a lot to offer and Habiba was eager to learn and broaden her horizons. Of all the things that life had in store for her, she decided to choose personal growth and development, and made it her mission to help other people.

Habiba’s personal experiences and life lessons have allowed her to grow and shape herself into who she is today. They got her to where she is now on the path of her mission. For years, Habiba had her own practice in the beauty industry, where she made people beautiful on the outside. Today she uses her speaking skills to inspire people and give a voice to those who cannot or could not use their voice. Habiba also uses her coaching skills to help people view themselves and the world in a more positive way. Today, it is Habiba’s mission to make people beautiful from the inside out, through speaking as well as coaching.