Rob Aalders

I’ve got an orchestra of voices in my head, and nowadays I am the conductor…

Over Rob

Born in Port Said, Egypt, Rob is the son of a Dutch diplomat. His father worked as a communications officer with the United Nations Emergency Force. Rob grew up in Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan and India, living a protected yet carefree life despite the surrounding political and military unrest. An only child, he was often on his own although he did spend time with local families.

As a survivor of two wars in the Middle East and one between India and Pakistan, he understands the complexities of national politics. Rob was well aware of his privileged position, being the son of a diplomat and always in the higher echelons of society with direct access to influential families. At the age of 14 he moved to Holland and began his secondary education at the Beverweerd International School, a boarding school for children of high-level diplomats and other professionals. This self-reliant and disciplined lifestyle was a big change from having personal servants to take care of his needs. Now he had to learn to make his bed every morning, look after his own clothes and suffer the consequences of harsh boarding school discipline.

At 16 he became a member of the student council, got involved with the Model United Nations, and was a member of various sports teams. Later he went to Richmond University, an American college in London. He enjoyed an international college life and, given his background, he immediately made many friends from differing backgrounds and countries. This was the basis for his understanding of human attitudes and culture. Rob has always been intrigued by the diversity of the human race and has become an expert in reading people. He enjoys the puzzle and since he has completed his Neuro Linguistic Programming level, he has become a master of reading the subconscious human mind. The line between success and mediocrity is very thin and it takes a great coach to help people. So Rob has made it his mission to guide motivated people to financial freedom. He makes the impossible possible through his dedication and drive.