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Upturn 2: Personal Development – paperback
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Upturn 2: Personal Development - paperback

24.77 Ex. BTW

About Upturn 2: Personal Development - paperback

Do you believe there is more to life then you already know?
Do you aspire to find your identity?
Explore the value in yourself and in people around you.

Upturn is a journey full of personal development and delivers a diversity of insights that will enrich your life. We cannot possibly know it all by ourselves. In this collaborative work we are confident you will find that specific skill you are ready for. It will change your life forever. It is all up to you.
Make that UPTURN in your life now!

Peter StehouwerDarryl Hoefdraad, Vanessa Gevers, Habiba AmzilCorinne Van RavelsAdric WalterJannie van den Boogaard 

Format : Hardcover
Language: English

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