Vanessa Gevers

Go with the FLOW and thrive

Over Vanessa

Vanessa is known for her thirst for knowledge and practical implementation. Looking back, every step in her life was clearly preparing her for the next. After graduating from high school, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Alongside her first full-time job she also studied to be a chartered accountant, until she realized she wanted to be more than a financial specialist.

That led her to become a business controller. Vanessa’s academic pursuits were not over yet. She proceeded to obtain a second bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, followed by a Master in Public Controlling. She also completed a number of trainings, varying from project management to earning certificates stating her aptitude as a Neuro-Linguïstic Programming Master Coach and Organizational Behavior Manager.

It was clear that Vanessa was the eternal student… Continuous personal development – through formal education, books and interaction with people – is a common thread in Vanessa’s life. Her motto is: “A day without learning is a day wasted.” Apart from during her studies, Vanessa gained extensive experience in various roles within large organizations and through voluntary activities. Vanessa is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experiences and skills to help people and organizations grow. She does so as an independent change manager, speaker and author.