Adric Walter

The Power Of Becoming Unstoppable

Over Adric

Born and raised on paradise island Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean, Adric Walter began computer programming at age eleven. What started as a hobby became his passion – and ultimately his career – which led him to study computer science at the university in the Netherlands. Adric’s mother worked at IBM and her influence was vital in paving the path that he followed. His father’s career as a social worker and policy maker has been just as significant and taught him to be aware of social and economical dynamics in the world at a young age.

“We used to discuss challenges in our society over the dinner table.” Many of these stories are, unfortunately, still relevant today. Therefore, he sees more than enough opportunity to alleviate local relevant issues by instilling a future-proof mindset in people by means of technology. Adric sees himself as someone who, by virtue of his upbringing and education, has an unfair tech-nical advantage. He believes that with this advantage comes the moral responsibility of using his skills and knowledge to help as many people as he can and allow them to reach their full potential by means of technology.

Nowadays we live in a world where the communities have the power to “own” their challenges and bring sustainable solutions, both in Europe and the Dutch Caribbean. Adric Walter is highly committed to the domain of technology, especially to educate in this field to women and children, as they are important pillars of society. He is involved in many activities that create opportunities for passive income and build structures of education for the future.