Peter Stehouwer

Get more from life by stepping out of your comfort zone

Over Peter

Uncertainty and a lack of self-confidence dominated Peter’s life from childhood. He felt the most comfortable being in the background. For the most part of his life, he didn’t know what he really wanted. Peter mostly lived his life in a way that others expected him to. As society wants it, with a safe, steady and good government job, Peter was eventually trapped in his comfort zone and didn’t dare to take any risks.

However, in 2015 Peter’s brother passed away, and this triggered him to start a personal development journey in 2016 along with his partner Shirley. This marks a turning point in his life. Realizing that life is too short to be lived stuck in your comfort zone, Peter begins to take steps to rise beyond it. As a result, his life starts to change rapidly. In 2017, Peter decides to leave his safe harbor and to break out of the daily grind.

Together with Shirley, he starts to invest in real estate.In 2018, Peter and Shirley also start Personal-Mastery: their company for training, coaching and empowerment. Their mission is to guide people to have a life full of self-confidence, passion, satisfaction and happiness. Now Peter is full of self-confidence and he is in the spotlight as an entrepreneur, speaker coach and trainer! What is possible for you if you dare to step out of your comfort zone?