Darryl Hoefdraad

Trust the process to create happiness

Over Darryl

“The color that appeals to you most represents what you strive to do in life.” From an early age the color blue appealed to me the most. This color stands for communication among other things. Writing is my first step to communicate. Today, after having been on an eighteen-month world trip, I have not only physically traveled from place to place, but also made an inner journey. The insights I had guided me to what I really have to do in my life.

Speak up for what I stand for, inspire and motivate people to add color to their life, literally and figuratively. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change like in my case – by selling my house, quitting my job and eventually shutting down my business. To me it felt right. A new phase with an open end where everything is possible, and the two books I have written are only part of the results. I would like for people to be inspired by my insights and take their first steps towards a colorful life.

In 2020, I will continue that inner journey, gradually start to convey my message, and hopefully propagate it to you as a reader. Get out of your head and start listening to your heart. Before my trip I had everything going for me; however, I lacked satisfaction and purpose. I was determined to turn things around and I made a great new start. Be inspired to start doing something to make your own Upturn.