Jannie Van Den Boogaard

Journey of the heart - Be brave and hold on

Over Jannie

Jannie follows the calling of her heart and it’s proving to be an amazing journey. From visiting world conventions for fiction projects to top-level business seminars for non-fiction authors, she is always looking for whatever makes her grow.In 2012 she started working as a writing coach, helping dozens of authors with their stories, and recently she created a variety of master classes for all kinds of writers.

As the next step, she is focusing on being a coach and speaker for bigger groups, to motivate people to finish and publish their business books in order to increase their revenue. As a writing coach, Jannie has her own vision and always looks at the bigger picture of each project she takes on. An important part of her work is listening to her heart and gut feeling, which is the power behind her ability to help filter out the core of every message and give people the feedback they need to grow. Seeing the confidence of those she coaches increased and their passion rekindled Is fuel to Jannie’s own fire. 

She knows what it is like to conquer fear and take the leap into the deep unknown in order to achieve goals. So when you are determined to share your message with the world, Jannie can guide you with her expertise and keep you motivated along the way. Like an Eagle, she will mentor you with patience because she wants to see you soar as a result of your efforts.