Corinne Van Ravels

Leaning into the curves A short and simple route to happiness

Over Corinne

Corinne wants to make lives succeed. But how do you make life succeed, and what is success?

Thinking things through, trying your best, and carrying on were key in the lifestyle of the Dutch scientist family that Corinne grew up in back in Bussum. She successfully graduated as a law student by keeping to the tenets of this lifestyle, but she discovered that living like this did not make her happy. Something essential was missing, especially in her relationships with other people. She realized that she was mostly focused on their ‘looks’, but she forgot to pay attention to how they were feeling. Whether someone is tense or relaxed is highly predictive of the success or failure of personal and professional relationships. During her research over the past decade, Corinne discovered that the body is giving you all kinds of signals in order to steer you towards happiness. Once you learn to recognize them and start to listen to your body, you will live more easily, efficiently, and life overall will be better.

In a candid and – at times –confrontational story, she tells about this journey of discovery and shares the mindset to lead a cheerful, own life. She essentially brings an ode to the human body. You can learn how to trust your own body. Corinne’s clients, whom she has treated with trauma therapy, hypnotherapy, drawing therapy or NLP have come to experience this. For seventeen years she has been running her own practice called Eyeco, which means ‘eye for each other.’ Where most people see problems, Corinne recognizes the potential of her clients immediately. She is persistent in that approach. “I find it a beautiful challenge to bring back the light in my clients’ lives,” she says. “As soon as that happens, they become different people for themselves and those around them. This ripple effect makes me especially happy. This way, we work together towards a bright future for many.”